Department of Pastoral Care & Medical Social Work

The Department of Pastoral Care and Social Work is a unique and distinguished part of the Madras Medical Mission,whichassures the motto “Reaching the Unreached”. The department works in tandemwith the hospital to provide holistic care to the Society. As a dutiful Christian institution,we continue the ministry of Jesus Christ initiated during His life in this world. We extend our services to all those who enter our portal and we strive to make this a place of Health and Healing, Comfort and Consolation. The Pastoral Care department strives in all possible ways to givethe patients afeel of ‘Home away from Home’. The Pastoral care department ensures their presence and support to all those in grief, sorrow, loss and in variousother crisis.

The Pastoral Care department ensuresthe spiritual nourishment ofthe Hospital. Prayer for the Sick, End-of-Life Care, various kinds ofsupport for the patients and their family are some of the undertakingsof the Department. Personal visit and counseling to the patients and their attenders help them to cope with their situations, helpingspeedy recovery. End-of-life care is an essential part of the care provided at The Madras Medical Mission. It is the prime responsibility of Pastoral Care department to be with the family and their relatives at the time of sorrow and grief. Our hospital also caters topatients from South Asia, Asia Pacific region, and from different African subcontinents. At times, there are language-related or communication constraints,it is the Pastoral Care department that bridges this gap and establishes better communication under our roof.

Holy Eucharist is offeredevery Sunday. Daily prayer is conductedin the Chapel especially for the patients who areadmitted and those undergoing procedures and surgeries. Holy Bible in different dialects is provided by the department to various wards and other departments in the hospital. The Pastoral Care department,without any discrimination, makes space for prayer to all denominations.

Department of Medical Social Work

The Medical Social Work department in the hospital is the reflection of our philosophy of care, support, and commitment to the Society. We believe that emotional, psychological and social well-being of a patient goes a long way in hastening the healing process. The main focus of Medical Social work is to give utmost care to the patients and help those in need. This is mainly available to thesocially and economically marginalized. Our Social Workers make a critical assessment of those who approach us for financial help and we getin touch with potential donors and well wishers of our hospital who extend their support at the time of dire need. We also provide information on care and offer psychological support to the patients and their families. The department with the help of Lions Club runs a Toy Bank for the admitted pediatric patients andalso provideschocolates on a regular basis to the children who visit the outpatient department. TheActivity Centre(play room) helps the pediatric patients to spend their time drawing and coloring. They are also gifted with a toy on their discharge from the hospital. Arrangement ofambulances and Funeral servicesis also a part of our responsibility in thehospital. Our department provides recreational reading materials to patients at their request. The efficient social workers provide abode, guidance and training to the interns who are coming from different colleges of South India.

Our office is on the Mezzanine Floor, and functions from 9:00a.m. to 7:00pmevery day!