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The Department of Biochemistry & Haematology functions round the clock, with an established Quality Policy of offering the best clinical support and patient care, through remarkable Quality-Assured reports that are continuously monitored using effective Quality Tools.

It encompasses the units of

  • *  Phlebotomy
  • *  Haematology
  • *  Clinical Pathology
  • *  Biochemistry & Hormones
  • *  Arterial Blood Gas (ABG).

The team is committed to give its outstanding performance in alignment to the hospital’s escalating needs, such that the lab’s testing range and scope addresses the entire clinical requirement of the hospital.

The department addresses more than 60% of STAT tests requests demanding close clinical follow-up with 100% compliance to NABL/ NABH standards. More than 95% of tests are under scope of NABL and we are committed to providing most accurate results to the right people at the right time. We are equipped with state-of-the-art technology with mutual mirror backups. All equipments are Fully Automated with bidirectional interfacing.

  • 1.The lab’s operational efficiency is commendable with a record of less than 1 hour of turnaround time for more than 85% of test requests.
  • 2. Average patient waiting time of less than 5 minutes in phlebotomy area – Managed and monitored by Robust software.
  • 3. Exclusive home collection service with challenging cost-effective health packages and excellent satisfactory index from patients.
  • 4. Lab plays a critical role in all the clinical research activities of the hospital and is pivotal in the conduct of courses of lab medicine .
  • 5. All chemistry tests are processed in Analysers, based on “Waterless Technology (Dry Chemistry),” which provides highly reliable results with excellent quality assurance.
  • 6. The department handles more than 4,500 tests per day.
  • 7. The department is backed by a team of committed, qualified and well-trained staff with professional excellence focused towards continual improvement.
  • 8. It has excellent feedback on clinical correlation from Clinicians and Patient, with an average score of 9.0 in the scale of 1 to 10.
  • 9. Complete adherence to safety practices.