Dr.S.Mullasari Ajit

Director - Cardiology

The Madras Medical Mission - Adult Cardiology - Dr.S.Mullasari Ajit,MD.,DNB.,DM, FRCP - Director - Adult Cardiology .

Email: icvddoctors@mmm.org.in / phone +91 - 44 - 26565983




Grant Medical College Sir J.J.Group of Hospitals University of Bombay - 1983.

M.D. (Masters Degree) - General Medicine

Grant Medical College Sir J.J.Group of Hospitals University of Bombay - 1987.

D.M. (Post Doctoral Degree) - Cardiology

Grant Medical College Sir J.J.Group of Hospitals University of Bombay - 1991

Diplomate of National Board - Cardiology

Grant Medical College Sir J.J.Group of Hospitals National Board of Exams, New Delhi - 1991

Fellow in Interventional Cardiology

The Prince Charles Hospital Brisbane, Australia - 1993.

Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians Glasgow

Royal College of Physicians Glasgow - 2010

  Work Experience

Junior Resident

01.02.85 - 31.07.85

General Medicine - J.J.Group of Hospitals .

Junior Resident

01.08.85 - 31.01.86

Neurology - J.J.Group of Hospitals .

Senior Resident

01.03.86 - 15.05.86

Cardiology - J.J.Group of Hospitals .

Chief Resident

01.08.86 - 15.05.88

General Medicine - J.J.Group of Hospitals .

Chief Resident

01.08.88 - 31.07.90

Cardiology - J.J.Group of Hospitals .

Clinical Associate

28.04.91 - 31.09.91

Cardiology - P.D.Hinduja Hospital .

Pool Officer in Cardiology

08.10.91 - 31.05.93

Cardiology - J.J.Group of Hospitals .

Senior Consultant & HOD Cardiology

01.06.95 - 31.03.07

Cardiology Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Madras Medical Mission .

Director -Cardiology

01.04.07 onwards

Cardiology Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, Madras Medical Mission .


  • • Glaxo Medical Education Award for the highest marks in General Medicine at the 3rd M.B.B.S Exam amongst students registered for post graduation in General Medicine.

  • • Nominated for the Commonwealth Scholarship 1992-1993 by Government for India.

  • • Selected as Rotary Foundation International Ambassadorial Scholar for 1993-1994.

  • • BARD Angioplasty Teaching Course Recognition Award 1998

  • • Euro – PCR award for best cases presentation at the Euro Paris Revascularisation Course in May 2001.

  • • Young achievers of India – award conferred by Confederation of Indian Industries in the presence of British Prime Minister – Mr.Tony Blair in January 2002.

  • • 9th Prof. Rathinavelu Subramaniam Memorial Oration Award instituted by the Association of Physicians of India in August 2009.

  • • Lifetime Achievement Award 2011 by the Dr. MGR Medical University for his contribution in Cardiology by the Governor of Tamil Nadu, His Excellency Mr. Rosaiah in the presence of Dr.Mayil Vahanan Natarajan, Vice Chancellor of Dr. M.G.R. Medical University.

  • • CHARAKA Award 2013 by Rotary Club of Guindy for Medical Services to the Community.

Articles Published

Articles published in Peer reviewed Journals = 130

Impact Factor      1 -5      =      25

                5 – 25      =      14

                >25      =      3




























































































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