Paper Submission

Poster and Oral Presentation Guidelines

Poster Presentation

Posters should be made in a portrait/vertical format measuring 3’wide and 4’high. Recent research in the area of Cardiac Genetics and Genomics should be summarized in an attractive way by the use of schematics, graphs and tables. The posters must be easy to follow and understand. Text should be readable from five feet away and must use a minimum font size of 18. The posters must be put up by the authors according to the timings mentioned in the schedule. Authors must be present at the assigned boards and must remain at their boards for the entire duration of their scheduled presentation.
The Abstracts Submission is closed

Oral Presentation

The duration of presentation is 10 minutes with 2 minutes for discussion. An interesting case or finding in the field of Cardiac Genetics and Genomics can be presented. Speakers must send an abstract of their talk by 10th August and their presentations in the form of PowerPoint by 1st September 2017. Please bring a backup copy of your presentation on a USB storage device to the conference. Only those registered for the conference can participate in the poster/oral presentation.

3 best papers/ posters will be awarded